Divorce Is Not Your Only Option

In order to help our clients make decisions in accordance with their moral and spiritual beliefs, our law firm often helps find alternatives to divorce. Our attorneys understand that divorce is often not our client’s desired solution.

At Ritchie, Soper & Schutt, LLC, we know that each individual marriage involves the resolution of unique issues. Depending on your needs, we may work with you to develop an effective alternative to divorce, like the ones listed below:

  • Seeking legal separation: In Missouri, legal separation is sometimes an option for couples who do not wish to divorce. Many aspects of separation are like a divorce, but the marriage is not dissolved. We find this is a good option for couples who can no longer live together but wish to honor their beliefs and vows.
  • Getting marital counseling: Not every spouse who thinks they want a divorce will necessarily end their marriage with one. If there is conflict in your marriage, we can recommend good marriage counselors who are available to help you.

Sometimes events occur in a marriage that change it forever. A spouse may have an affair or develop an addiction to gambling or alcohol that makes staying together as a couple nearly impossible. We understand that situations like these can be devastating. As spouses cope with the emotional breakdown of the marriage, we work with them to create effective legal solutions. Integrity and compassion are always our focus.

If divorce is the only option, there are alternatives to litigation: Our attorneys use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods to help resolve marital conflict. This may mean mediation or negotiations. Craig Ritchie is a trained mediator who can shepherd his clients through the mediation process.

Learn More About Divorce Alternatives

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