There Are Many Reasons To Establish Paternity

We Can Explain The Why And How Of Paternity

Many people assume that having the father’s name on the birth certificate gives him legal rights. It doesn’t. Listing the name on the birth certificate only creates a presumption that he is the father. If the child was born outside of marriage, a parent should talk to a lawyer about legally establishing paternity of the child and the rights and responsibilities that go along with it.

The attorneys at Ritchie, Soper & Schutt, LLC, understand the role that fathers play in the lives of their children. They also understand the desire of both parents to be actively involved with their kids.

For this reason, our law firm — Ritchie, Soper & Schutt, LLC — represents parents in paternity actions. We work with both mothers and fathers who need legal advice and representation involving paternity. Sometimes, these are parents who have a child born out of wedlock and need to resolve a child support, custody or visitation dispute. Other times, paternity becomes an issue in a divorce.

What Is Paternity?

Paternity establishes a legal relationship between a father and his child. Although an affidavit of paternity establishes the identity of the father of the child, it does not provide for child custody and visitation or child support. To address these issues, a separate court order must be sought by filing a motion in Missouri family law courts, or the parents can create an agreement through mediation.

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