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Ritchie, Soper & Schutt, LLC, is an established law practice that focuses exclusively on family law matters. We are proud to serve clients in St. Joseph, Liberty, Columbia and surrounding areas.

Many clients seek our legal services because they are facing complex family law issues such as high-asset divorces or child custody battles. With many years of combined experience in the area of family law, we are well-equipped to solve these difficult problems. Our work has included helping couples find alternatives to divorce that do not compromise their religious beliefs, as well as protecting the interests of children through guardianships and adoptions.

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Teamwork: A Principle For Legal Success

Teamwork is a founding principle of our law firm. Each case is assigned to a skilled and knowledgeable paralegal who works with one of our  attorneys. This team approach means that our clients are always able to reach someone who knows them — someone aware of the details of their cases who is well-prepared to answer questions or to take effective action.

Our goal is to shepherd our clients through the legal system to achieve the best possible results. We understand that going to court can be an intimidating experience. We will guide you through each step, ensuring that you are comfortable with the process and the results.

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Assertive Advocacy Helps Reach Effective Solutions

While almost every case is ultimately settled, sometimes it requires zealous and aggressive advocacy. It is easier to settle a case on favorable terms if the other side knows that you and your attorney are willing, able and ready to fight for your rights. Together, our lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience working with clients. If your family or future is at stake, please contact us.

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